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One major component of Health is diet. It cannot be understated how much diet influences your mental and physical well being. It’s one of the cornerstones together with; fitness, and mental health through which we can achieve optimal health.

Diet should focus on the correct combination of macros and micro nutrients. Our hormones will respond the most optimally to perform their functions of; signalling muscle mass build up, signalling fat break down, and signalling satiety at the right times.

For that we need to eat primarily Proteins and Fats, Carbohydrates are completely optional as is by design of our body. The body, in a low insulin state (when you haven't eaten for a while) can produce glucose through gluconeogenesis from other precursors such as fat and protein.

Our body, in a fat adapted state, can utilize our fat stores effectively and therefore loose fat weight more quickly. A fat adapted state means that our body is in a continuous low insulin state, which allows the body to create glucose itself.

In such a fat adapted state, the body can use its fat stores for extended runs such as Marathons. Not requiring re-feeding with glucose at all! The amount of energy contained within our fat stores is vast.

Diet is essential to get right. You will feel the best, with no brain fog, and almost a limitless amount of energy.

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