004 - How you can create Insights from your own content.

2024-6-30 on Sunday
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In this issue of The Health & IT Insider I’d like to discuss how you can create Insights from your own content.

From the trenches

It’s been crazy busy this month adapting to this new lifestyle of public sharing, newsletter writing, evergreen note writing. All the while still doing business development for my software product eezze.io.

Excuses are your own -- Ricky Roma (Glengarry Glen Ross)

Next week I’ll do a month of June review and I’ll get some good tid bits from all the articles and writing I produced.

I’ll also be sharing a bit more in the coming month of July about my software product development experience. I’ve built 4 products over the course of 6 years, but not quite to satisfaction. I’ll elaborate on this and my thoughts on what went wrong, what should I have done instead and other learnings. This should be interested for those of you that are entrepreneurial in mind, hopefully I can share some good insights here.

Today I want to introduce something that has been boiling up slowly this month of June and that has to do with two things.

1) Evergreen note writing

Essentially it’s a learning and writing method that is based on the Zettelkasten style of note taking. This style of note taking favors linking of conceptual notes that form the whole.

What I mean with this is, each evergreen note that you write when you do your learning. You write about 1 single concept only, if you start covering other concepts within that note you should take it out of that note and create a new note and link it.

Eventually you’ll get a web of notes that are linked together like a mind map. This method has boosted my learning and understanding capability by really forcing me to understand it first before i write something down.

I will cover more in-depth what Evergreen note writing is about and how to get started with it.

2) AI, but of course!

AI is everywhere and everything these days, with regards to my line of business probably a lot will change in the coming few years. But that’s not what i wanted to discuss.

I wanted to discuss content creation with AI, which generally is looked down upon because it’s soulless, not creative, generic, copy/paste etc. My mission with this product announcement is to change that. I want to generate content that is based on your personal brand, that takes your tone and style of writing, that takes your content and creates it in a new format only!

Insight Prose

Introducing InsightProse, the insights generator based on your own brand content.

Here’s a sneak preview what the landing page will look like and the key feature descriptions that i'm currenty looking at making. (Subject to change!)

Insight Prose Hero

I’m building this in public on Twitter with daily updates cover the 21 days till the beta release.

Insight Prose example article

I wanted to highlight a few important parts of this Insight prose generator with an actual article I posted online this week:


As you can see SEO is top of mind, I’ve included json-ld for type QAPage to provide a QA view on google search when this article shows up.

For the service, I’m probably going to offer these as code blocks if there’s sufficient demand for them.

The goal of Insight Prose

The aim is to make the insight prose concise, but actionable such that the reader has something to move forward with immediately. If the reader is interested in the details, the link to the full size article is included at the bottom.

Additionally when multiple insights are generated, there will be related insights on the side bar. The generation process takes this into account, and as such you can link them to one another for enhanced reader retention as they move from one question potentially to the other.

The content is also short enough that a Twitter thread can be generated from them, this will also be part of the Minimum Viable product release in less than 3 weeks.

Building in public, feedback welcome!

I’m very excited about this and I’m building in public because I like to involve you in the process and listen to feedback from the community to make it better, or fit your use-case better.

Let me know on Twitter what your thougts are, or feel free to reply to this email and let me know what you think. If you have content requests, questions, let me know by replying as well!

I appreciate your time, till the next one!


Title:004 - How you can create Insights from your own content.

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